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Our Video on Revver Live

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, August 13, 2008 , ,
Check out today's archived episode of "Revver Live", a daily live show that features Revver's best videos. Our video, "Best Short Videos on Revver" was included in today's episode, and it was Voted as the Best of the Day! I watched it live, and saw an overwhelmingly positive response on the message board, and to top it off, our video was pretty much the unanimous winner! Many thanks to Revver for including us in their program, and stay tuned for "Kitty Criminal", which will be coming up on an episode within the next couple of days. Speaking of "Kitty Criminal" it was featured on Revver's Main Page yesterday, and today it is featured on the main page of!

Anyway, the embedded clips aren't working, so go to and watch both of the archived episodes from 2008-08-13. Our video starts at the end of the first part, and continues into the second.


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