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Don't Email Me Needle Dick

Dan Taft Thursday, January 17, 2008

I recently received an email from some random douche about how Barrack Obama went to some Muslim school as a child and how he can't be trusted. He pointed out that Obama was raised by a Muslim father and an Atheist mother, or something of that sort. This turd burglar then went on to say that the Muslim extremists have said that they will infiltrate the U.S. from the top down, destroying our "way of life."

Are people really this stupid? First of all, what this country needs is a president who doesn't believe in some fictional character that makes him feel better about dying. Second of all, who cares if Obama's parents made him go to a bullshit Muslim school preaching that crap or if they forced him to go to some Catholic or Christian bullshit school where he learned about that fictional history. Get over it people- religion was made up by primitives to explain the sun and the moon and was perpetrated by your parents so that you could picture them hugging Jesus after they die instead of where they actually are- lying in the dirt being eaten by worms and maggots. Grow up- Obama, and all the rest of these candidates (except for the really stupid Republican ones) are smart enough to fake their spirituality so that you suckers will vote for them. He doesn't believe in any of that shit, and neither should you. Kucinech '08!


Anonymous said...

isn't it really obvious that a muslim-ish president could help our standing with the muslim world? that email you got sounds racist. kinda like my old landlord who told me not to vote for kerry because he's really jewish and his last name is goldbaum or something.. i told him that his last name is kerry and it didn't make a difference if he was jewish. either way you slice it it's all marketing.

Anonymous said...

very well said, sir. about the sun and the moon..

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