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Fence Plowing (Short Version)

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, April 18, 2008 , ,
The short version of the infamous fence plowing clip, which was one of the first Youtube clips to ever make national news, back in the beginning of last year.

This lead to me being interviewed by FOX News, The New York Times, Newsday, ABC News, and ABC's 20/20, which was pretty much the most surreal experience of my life. As much as I wanted to move on, and didn't want to be known as the "fence plowing kid", part of me definitely wishes that it happened a few months later, because the coverage would have been 10x the amount that it received!

Although they didn't even touch on the subject on the Howard Stern Show, which was the only one I wanted to be on, it did appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, and the Tom Green Show, which to me are much cooler than being on the news!

I must address that, I made this clip over 3 years ago, and never once wanted people to turn this into a form of vandalism, nor do I condone it.

The good people at YPulse were nice enough to publish my term paper, which I wrote for grad school, and help me clear up the misconceptions. Check that out at the following address...

Bababooey to you all!


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