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Viral Video of the Day (4/1/08)

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, April 1, 2008 ,

XBOX Moron story on Fox News

Check out this news story about an idiot 16 year old kid who received a stolen XBox, and then taunted the kid it was stolen from via the XBox's internet connection. What a dumb move that turned out to be, because the nerds went to work, and of course found out this kid's XBox user name, and then his youtube channel. This moron then got berated by nerds from all around the world, and he ended up leaving the XBox on the original owners doorstep. They showed his Youtube channel on the news for a second, and this clown seemed to be one of the worst rappers ever. They blurred the channel name, so if anyone finds it out (which I'm sure they already have), let us know, because I'd love to leave some comments on his videos.


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