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James Catusco Responses

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, June 16, 2008 , ,
"The Worst Basketball Player Ever Speaks Out" is still jumping the hell off right now, and there is currently over 330 video responses. While the vast majority of these are just random videos that have nothing to do with James, here's a couple of our favorites that actually do...

I suk more than James Catusco
The title alone is incredible.

Worst Basketball Player East Coast: Meet West Coast!
This guy calls James out directly in his description - "Yo, Yo, James. Let's meet. I think a match-up is inevitable. "Horse" is my game, but you choose. I've been practicing up, and cultivating my skills. I'm in Los Angeles, and wild about the Clippers, but my roots are in Boston, so I grew up on Larry Bird. I think you will see the similarities between him and me in this doc they made about me. Go Celts!"

We'll definitely post more of these soon. Keep the videos coming!
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