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Top Ten James Catusco Youtube Hater Comments

James Catusco is the worst basketball player ever. He has been talking shit to "computer nerds" on the front page of Youtube for the past two days now. About how he's the best (at being the worst) and how he's out there with the "real ballers." The pan around shows an empty playground. Still, the joke flies right over these youngster's heads and now the backlash is overwhelming, making the video even funnier. The PURE IRONY! This is some of Adam's finest work. Here's my favorites so far.

10. "James Catusco: Pedophile, last seen sitting in a kiddy park with a camera..." -Malithion2001

9. "Who the fuck do you think you are, you fucking poser....Just shut the fuck up you fucking poser i would of fucking ripped your ass out. now stop the bs and stop fucking posting gay ass vids you got me you italien mofo." -mnlead

8. "well..u might take me at basketball...but i bet you can't even write an e-mail...gues what....some of these "nerds" u talk about...have other talents kicking the shit out of stupid fuckz like u with a baseball bat...danm!!!i'll do it on a basketballcourt if u want it....stupid'r movie was ok and i liked it...until you said "nerds" -piromaniakkk

"until you said nerds" hahaha

7. "hahahaa, computer nerd? i betchu any computer nerd could school yuer ass at i could helluhh beat yuer ass... and the sad thing is... im a girly girl thats half yuer age." -SammieBooie

6. "he may have some fame and some money maybe even a nice girlfriend and im guessing he loves basketball but i wonder how he feels when hes alone and thinking to himself im shit at basketball the one thing i love to do and im does it feel james hmm that sting of reality." -doddze

haha fame and money

5. "fucker, worst than my mom" -comboxp

computer nerds seem to really be obsessed with the idea of James playing their moms or grandmas. and being "worst"

5. "He's actually not a Wigger... Nothing in his vocabulary let alone his style of clothing would imply that he was trying to imitate a negro. He looks Jewish with that big nose, and he sounds as if he is from the Northern/East area of the United States." -collegeisold

in response to claims that James is "acting black."

4. "I'll give it to you. It could just be a very deep new york accent. Easily mistaken for wiggerspeak." -bwonderve

in response to number 5. hahaha "wiggerspeak"

3. "i would keep the ball to my side run hard and fast at him pull the ball back between my legs and stop dead and watch that shit cunt fly backwards" -shanegibb52

hahahaha what?

2. "Iam gay, and i smoke weed. Bring it Dawg. Mother Fucka, i'll hunt your ass down." -1337poke123

1. "Stuped..." -airodinamic

pretty much embodies the irony of "computer nerds" not getting the joke.


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