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Win a Free Trip to L.A.!

Dan Taft Saturday, February 23, 2008

The CEO of HiddenTrack TV and I, a lowly writer, have decided to write a film. Not just any film either- the greatest film of all time. We are running a contest along with the release of the film- if you can come up with an awesome title for the movie, we will fly you out to L.A. along with HiddenTrack TV to the premier.
The premise of the movie is this- a talent agent is promoting 2 of his longtime friends to become famous actors; however, they are both talentless hacks. And they are extremely demanding egomaniacs for no justifiable reason. One day, the agent runs into a real up and coming celebrity as his local synagogue, and they hit it off. The new guy wants the agent to represent him, which is a huge opportunity for the heretofore unknown agent.
He begins spending all of his working time promoting his new star, therefore neglecting his original 2 clients, who also happen to be his longtime friends. These 2 morons then decide to eliminate the competition, so to speak, and frame him for drug dealing which lands him in jail. The plot moves from there, but you get the picture.
Come up with a quality working title for this film and you can win the HiddenTrack TV "Name That Movie" contest. Enter by March 15th for your chance to win.


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