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He Heads Home...Nailed at the Plate!

Adam Schleichkorn Thursday, May 15, 2008 ,
From the NY Post: New York University held their graduation at Yankee Stadium this year, with 6,000 students, and over 20,000 family members in attendance. Sounds like a great spot to hold graduation, but there was one catch - "The students had been repeatedly advised . . . that they were strictly prohibited from being on the field," said NYU spokesman John Beckman.

So out of 6,000 jerk-off students, what were the odds that one would try to get on the field? 2 to 1? Even Money? Well what do you know, 21 year old student William Lopez, of Long Island(of course) didn't follow the rules. In full graduation gown, he jumped out of the stands in right field, and sprinted all the way across the outfield towards second base. He then rounded second, and sprinted towards third base, with the 26,000 plus in the stands cheering him on. I guess the third base coach gave him the call to go home, so he rounded third, and headed for the plate.

"I was trying to make it to home plate," Lopez told The Post after he was issued a summons for trespass. "I wanted to do a head-first dive." Just when he thought he was going to make it, he was stopped 10 feet away from the plate, by security and NYPD tackling him to the ground. He received a summons for trespassing, and was told that he ruined the graduation, but in actuality, I'm sure running around the bases at a packed Yankee Stadium made it all worth it!

The funniest part about this entire story, is the quote from his father in the Post - Lopez's father, Bob Lopez, said when he saw the figure running on the field, "My wife asked, 'Could that be William?' I said, 'No. That kid's an athlete."


Anonymous said...

Please post a video of this. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

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