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Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbot/Fight Tomorrow!

Adam Schleichkorn Friday, May 30, 2008 ,
Tomorrow night Kimbo Slice is fighting "some guy". I say "some guy" because they didn't even manage to mention his name once in the countless promos that have been all over tv. This means 1 of 2 possible things. 1. Kimbo will devour this guy in under a minute. 2. Kimbo will get his ass kicked by a real fighter, with real MMA training, just like my boy Dana White, the president of the UFC says. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big Kimbo fan, but when he's setting himself up to fight somebody with literally no name, I got to root for the underdog. Anyway, here's Kimbo Slice against washed up Tank Abbot.


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