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Worst List Ever - Yahoo's 25 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 90's

Adam Schleichkorn Wednesday, June 4, 2008 ,
Here at Hidden Track TV, we often poke fun at our own top 10 lists by Dan Taft, but we assure you, we're just kidding (most of the time). The vast majority of Dan's lists are actually very solid, and I have to say that his worst list is about 100 times better than the following list by Yahoo, where they listed the 25 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 90's. This is by far the most piss-poor list I have ever witnessed in my entire life, made by people who apparently have zero knowledge on the subject. So here it is, Yahoo's Top 25 Best Alternative Rock Bands of the 90's, aka the Worst List Ever...

25. Sebadoh
24. Dinosaur Jr.
23. Sonic Youth
22. Pavement
21. Flaming Lips
20. Cracker
19. Beck
18. Weezer
17. Giant Sand
16. Afghan Whigs
15. The Breeders
14. Belle and Sebastian
13. Elliot Smith
12. Mudhoney
11. PJ Harvey
10. Nirvana
9. Guided By Voices
8. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
7. Vic Chesnutt
6. The Fall
5. Mark Lanegan
4. Julian Cope
3. American Music Club
2. Red House Painters
1. Tom Waits

Who in their right mind puts Nirvana at number 10? Has anyone else ever heard of any of the choices for numbers 2 through 8? I didn't think so. There's so many great bands that didn't even make it in the top 25, that I'm giving you my top 10 Alternative Bands of the 90's, to clear things up...

10. Pearl Jam
9. Beck
8. Smashing Pumpkins
7. Weezer
6. Soundgarden
5. Radiohead
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Nine Inch Nails
2. Stone Temple Pilots
1. Nirvana


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