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so yeah, this seems like an appropriate time to post nonsense

Alex Bingham Thursday, March 27, 2008
I'm not in a good mood.

this week has turned out to be a bit of an odd one really. not sure where to start so i'll just start typing whatever comes into my head.

so this week i have had one marriage proposal, 3 girls saying they would have sex with me and a girl that works behind the bar in my local tell me she has fancied me for ages and that i have a "do-able face". this seems good enough but it isn't. this has been a confidence boost and i at least knowing of 'possible shags' for the future but i've noticed girls have fucked me about recently. even more than usual. but whatever, i haven't got time for that shit. i'm a busy guy. i've been running all over manchester showing my portfolio off to ad agencies. i'm starting to sway away from my point so i'll get back to it. Girls, in particular girls that are my 'friends' fuck me over. i'm sorry if this is all starting to sound very myspace emo but i've had a few drinks... and this column is called 'cynical Britain'...          i'll probably get my authorship revoked after this!

played a gig tonight at a local bar. was pretty good. i play guitar and my mate plays guitar and sings. it was all great until i somehow came up with the courage to play a couple of solo tracks at the end with me singing. why why why? i cant even sing. i somehow convinced myself it would be a good idea... if you missed out on the gig tonight which im sure everyone did unfortunately i will never sing again. so, sorry but my singing career is over...

not only that but to add to the shitness of the night i ripped a hole in my Barbour jacket. not happy. that jacket is my pride and joy. and i can't sew.

hmmm... not a lot more to stay

might pour myself a drink and smoke 12 cigarettes

hope everyone else is enjoying themselves considerably more than myself!


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