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Viral Video of the Day (3/25/08)

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, March 25, 2008 ,

Davidson stuns Georgetown - NCAA March Madness 2008

Davidson College (10 seed) pulled off probably the biggest upset so far this tournament, beating Georgetown (2 seed) in one of the most exciting games this year. I went to a basketball camp when I was a youngin', that was headed by Davidson's coach, Bob Mckillop, and back then, they weren't even close to making the tournament. In the past 5 years though, they've been making some noise, and even appearing on tv in the regular season, which I'm definitely happy to see for Coach Mckillop. On top of that, I always have a soft spot for the underdog, and they're the true definition of that, on the court and off the court, as their school only has about 1500 students! Plus their guard Stephen Curry is a future star, and I always like seeing guys from small schools get their shot in the NBA, which I think he definitely will get.

Anyway, here's the video and description from CBS - Midwest: Georgetown will not be returning to the Final Four. With 30 points coming from guard Stephen Curry, Davidson stunned the Hoyas 74-70 in Raleigh. (NCAA March Madness 2008 highlights)...


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