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Yak Ballz Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weathermen, the Hip-Hop collective, have garnered a large following regardless of the cloud that mainstream Hip-Hop has fallen under. As for Yak Ballz, this cat is versatile and on Scifentology II he shows he can go from one vibe to the next. Most will like Out of Range, where he is right on tone to the bluesy style beat spittin' this art, "Life is the medium, death is the canvas that I pour it on," and relaying reflective moments that make emcees better, "I wear my heart on my sleeve but never sleep on my art." For Nuclear Society he ironically kicks some catchy bubblegum lines ("trying to stay afloat like ice cream in root beer") amidst apocalyptic introspection. While on War In My Head, one of my picks, he gets even more philosophical, "Obviously in your skin I embody what you could have been." Fellow Weatherman, Cage, combines with Yak on New Communication for what I like to call a little livin' up to your name 101, as Yak pushes some uncomfortable buttons and Cage imprisons your mind. Some of Yak's lines are an ill beams of light, like on Trust Is a Timebomb, "I'm just a flash, ten seconds after your thundering." His style will grow on you if you have patience, but trust that you need to have an ear for the underground to really dig this.

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