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Peter Toh - Brand New Start

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, April 7, 2008 , ,
Peter Toh performs "Brand New Start" with Zach Botham on the trumpet, recorded live in their old apartment in Brooklyn, NY. For more go to

i'm just gonna walk around, i'm just gonna wander, i saw you in a magazine, saw you in the summer, you said you wanna be with me and stay with me, and love me forever, i need a brand new start, i can't wake the river from it's water bed, i can't make history take back what he said, i can't take the ocean away from his moon, i can't take my eyes off of you, i'm just gonna hang around, and serve no purpose, nothing is stirring in this house, like it was christmas, but i'm not giving anything and nothing's on my wishlist, i'm an old man with a k-9 heart, i n eed a brand new start. i jumped in the shower to get clean, but you know in one more hour i'll be dirty again, you got the body of a bass and the soul matches the face and that's so hard to find in these troubled times, the mind of a teacher you make me believe you, now won't you believe me too


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