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Is It The Gear Or Your Ear? - KRK VXT4 Monitors

Peter Toh Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I set out to find a solution for monitoring in a small room on a small budget, like most bedroom producers. In my old studio I had a pair of JBL LSR 6328's with 8 inch woofers. When the 5 inch Genelecs I was given to put together and run Lil Mama's studio blew out on the first night, I suggested the LSR's and they provided more than enough low end for the rest of their stay. I'll review those another time.

I once bought a pair of KRK 5 inch rok-it's and they were terrible. Sounded shitty (loose) and broke within the year, I only bought them because they were cheap and I figured since I'd use them in my apartment they'd do the trick. Not really, they just kinda sucked and I worked less. So I went to the store looking for something of that size but with some type of quality, where I can feel like I'm doing real work and not just basic scratch tracks. I spent time and listened to a bunch of smaller drivers, trying the KRK's last because of my previous experience. When I finally heard them they were by far the best of the bunch to my ears. And there was actually some low end that didn't feel like trickery.

I've been using the VXT 4's in my bedroom for a couple months now. They're still impressing me, giving me a natural sounding perspective on my music. The low low end isn't really that accessible because they're only 4 inches, but I could feel a little bit when adjusting that range how much space it was taking up and my mixes have been translating to other stereos even better than when I was using the JBLS everyday. Overall the low end that they can reproduce is really punchy and tight.

The best part of these speakers are the mid range and the upper mid range which are totally tight and revealing. This is all I need for a small room, I can listen at low volumes and feel very comfortable with what I'm doing still getting plenty of punch. When I crank the volume it's really loud, they also have built in limiters. These monitors really are a good buy for anyone in a small room or apartment. Check these out if you don't want low end trickery and high end hype, but you need pro quality and a consumer price.


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