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Top 5 "Fat Kid Gets Owned" Videos

Adam Schleichkorn Tuesday, May 20, 2008 , ,
Personally, I hate the way that the word "owned" is used today; you damn kids! With that being said though, I've found that videos of fat kids getting "owned" are absolutely hilarious. So without further ado, here's the list of the Top 5 "Fat Kid Gets Owned" videos.

5. Fat Kid Gets Owned

A kid does a Bruce Lee-style Karate kick to a fat kid, and knocks him to the ground, therefore owning him.

4. Fat Kid Owned

This fat kid starts with a much smaller kid, by hitting him with a stick, and the small kid throws a skateboard at him, knocking him down, and making him cry hysterically. He got owned!

3. Fat Kid Gets Owned by the Floor

This fat kid's friend is trying to make him jump off a playground, from about 8 feet in the air. After some hesitation, he finally decides to do it, and as they say, he gets owned!

2. Fat Kid Gets Owned by Ride

This clip, from Australia's Funniest Home Videos, would have never made it on America's version. This fat kid is on a ride with his Aunt, and he literally starts falling out, choking, and writhing in pain, and she just keeps laughing the whole way.

1. Fat Kid Gets Owned

This kid, who looks like the fat kid in "The Sandlot", appears to be cutting a wrestling promo or something along those lines, while standing on a log in the middle of a pond. He's pretty much in an inescapable position, when his friends start shooting him with paintballs. He then has one of the most classic freak-outs I've ever witnessed. Number 1 "Fat Kid Gets Owned Video", hands down.


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