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Top 10 Rappers

Dan Taft Monday, March 10, 2008
Blah blah blah blah blah.

10. Nas - He’s in, Jay’s out. Sorry, but Nas’ first two albums are ridiculously strong, and after what I would call 2 rather crappy albums, “I Am” and “Nastradamus,” Nas came back big time with several more great LPs.

9. Black Thought - The Roots are the shit. Black Thought is arguably the most under-rated MC of all time, except for maybe Hammer. His rhymes are cutting and intelligent, and he’s got some serious style and a cool ass band to back him up- Quest Love where you at?

8. Rakim - Pioneer. One of, if not the first MC to rhyme multiple words in different parts of his lines, Rakim is ultra creative and has a mesmerizing voice that’s hard core without having to be explicitly violent. A true Master of Ceremonies.

7. Common Sense - One of my personal favorites, the brotha Com has been doing his thing since back in the day. I think Common has released about 7 albums, and every single one of them is off the hook. Plus he doesn’t have like 20 featured artists on each of his albums- he can actually carry the whole thing by himself.

6. Big Pun - The one who makes the kids run. Unfortunately it seems that if you are a rapper with the word Big any where in your name you are more likely to die young. That’s why you don’t see any rappers nowadays with Big in their name. True story. All I really have to say about Big Pun, is he rapped “Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know every riddle to middle man who didn’t do diddly.” And that is why he’s the man.

5. KRS-One - Yes my son; KRS-One was the first MC, that, if you messed with him and tried to battle, your career was OVER. What’s up Shan? Mixing in the Rude Boi wickedness, KRS-One is possibly the smartest rapper to ever touch a mic. Who else raps about the falsehoods of organized religion and it’s thievery of astrology; that pretty much sums up why he’s not a mainstream rapper right there. Don’t worry though, Nelly, you really did kill him in your little battle…

4. Biggie - Biggie is kind of like everyone’s favorite rapper, at least in New York. He was one of the most descriptive MCs of all time, able to paint a perfect picture with words. His voice and his style are so unique that there really will never be anyone like him ever again. But coming from the mean streets of Bed Stuy he should’ve known not to talk shit about Kwame.

3. Tupac - He and Big will be forever linked- they are two of the most influential artists in this genre. Tupac was heartfelt, his voice was dynamic, and he really had something to say. Plus when he blew up there were a lot of really shitty rappers, kind of like now, and everyone was like, “who da fuck is dis dude?” Word.

2. Big L - If he wasn’t murdered, Big L might have been far and away the greatest rapper of all time. No one can rap like him. If you ever listen to the 7 minute “freestyle” with him and Jay-Z, you’ll hear how unbelievably ridiculous Jay-Z was. Then you’ll hear how Big L just blows an unbelievably ridiculous rapper right out of the water. They weren’t battling each other, but rapping after Big L is kind of like going on stage after George Carlin.

1. Mos Def - No one has ever rapped about more significant shit. No one can fuck with his vocab. And as smart as he is, and as cool as his style is, he’s still street. Black on Both Sides is the greatest Hip Hop album EVER. Do the following- get Black on Both Sides, get the Blackstar album, get the old Bush Babies album, and then pick up the New Danger and True Magic. This guy is a different artist on every LP. And each one of these is the shit. Really listen to the man and then tell me someone is better, cause their not.


Peter Toh said...

i'm gonna have to strongly disagree. the funnest part of top 10 rappers. disagreeing. common sense and black thought should not be on this list first of all.. jigga man is missing? that's just blasphemous. shady is one of the best too. nas is number ten? c'mon dan we never met but i know you're smarter than this. andre 3000 missing? biggie not in top 3? you're CRAZZZZY ssssheeeeet. i'd put kanye up there before black thought. what the hell has black thought done in camparison to the massive shadow kanyeezy casted on the game when he broke through. producing his own records!

we prolly also got different criteria. but j belongs on everyone's top 10. it's undisputed!

Adam Schleichkorn said...

i'm going to have to agree to disagree. i think i'm going to have to post my own top 10. common? what type of doofus includes common? i'll tell you who, this doofus.

Anonymous said...

You are quite misinformed boy. Have you ever listened to rap music?

Anonymous said...

oh hears a novel thought: LISTEN TO THE LYRICS.

Anonymous said...

Are you people kidding? Common and Black Thought are much much better than Andre 3000 or Eminem, I don't agree with the order of this list completely, but nobody here hasn't earned their place.

Also, Big Daddy Kane and Big Shaq(Shaq Diesel/Shaquille O'Neal) are still alive.

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