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Viral Video of the Day (3/10/08)

Adam Schleichkorn Monday, March 10, 2008 ,

3am Phone Ad Girl is Obama Supporter

Wahhhh, I'm in the Hilary Clinton commercial! That's what this 17 year old Barrack Obama supporter was (kind of) saying to the news when speaking about appearing in the now famous "3am" Hilary Clinton Campaign Commercial. The image is of her sleeping in bed, while the voice over says something along the lines of "It's 3 am and your children are sleeping. Who would you want answering the phone?" During this, the footage of the girl is shown, which was called "stock footage from 8 years ago, while she worked as a tv extra". So she's all beside herself because she's this big Obama supporter, and is rallying for him and the whole nine. Who's fault is it though? Maybe, just maybe, if her parents didn't throw her in these extra spots when she 9, she wouldn't have this "problem". Without saying it, they pretty much put it on Hillary in a subtle way, as if she had anything to do with this saying, "(Hillary) couldn't have picked a more unwilling star". Let this be a lesson to the parents out there, who feel the need to get their young kid a part as an extra in a commercial. Since it is available on Getty Images, anyone can use this clip now for a nominal fee, and she does not get any royalties or anything! So not only is she helping to endorse the candidate that she is against, but she's not even getting paid for it! I don't know much about politics, but I do know that a 17 year old girl should be hanging out at the mall, not the Democratic Conventions. I'm not choosing between the two yet, and looking like a flip-flopper, so I'll say that I'll be happy with either of the two Democrats. This is all unless I get very wealthy, in that case, I'm voting Republican!


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